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Random Gifs of Bora

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I got to know Hyolyn through current promotional activities and I’ve never met a person like her in my life. To be honest, I really like Hyolyn. I like her to the point where I call myself ‘Hyolyn’s hardcore fan.’ Hyolyn is really free and easy going. The more I get to know her, the more I like her. She has a strong personality but has an innocent side to her. It’s not intended but comes out naturally. I even began to wonder what kind of people her parents are. That’s how fun it is to be with her.
- Mad Clown (Mwave)
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Why I love Hyorin so much  ~ because of dat freaking laugh/smile 17|

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I made a movie poster for Hyorin and I just wanted to know that I put you, Stellasistar, and Carpabranca in the credits lolll

Ooooh just saw it! It’s amazing and thank you haha x) 

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Favorite Pictures of SISTAR 1-2/100
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make me choose: sistar or miss a for anonymous.

"we really want to see our fans abroad, but we also want to see our fans in korea. we want to show the best parts of us everywhere." -bora

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life sucks when you’re one of the uglier fans stanning your bias

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5/endless of my favorite k-pop ladies; kim hyojung.

"sometimes i wish i could tell the person [commenting on the internet] how mad i am at their comment. they post their words with ease, but they can cause a great scar. they can make someone get plastic surgery. i wish people would think about it first."