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thanks for updating so much sistar stuff. its hard to find great sistar blogs (: thank u again

Ah, you’re welcome Star1s gotta spread the SISTAR love hehe! that’s really nice of you to come by and send me this. It’s always appreciated :) ,  and~ I can recommend some great sistar blogs, I’m far of being the only sistar biased blog here so yeah ^^

here my list sistarl0ver stellasistar hyoboy mrsbluth hyorinpls yoonboras star1-fandom daasoms (might forget some of them, if so i’m sorry ;;)

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Anonymous asked me to choose between Soyou as duet or Soyou of Sistar
♥ I love both. I’m just so glad Starship gave her the chance of shining by her own because she was the least famous of the 4 of them. She’s one talented person and she deserves spoligtht! She showed a face of hers she didn’t show with Sistar’s member. But still , I’ll always love Soyou as Sistar’s Soyou because without a member, Sistar wouldn’t be the same. Soyou, jjang! 
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Choose a Sistar19 MV: ma boy or gnaal?

Noted :)

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Thank u for taking my request !! I love it :D May I make another request ??

I’m glad you like it ^~^ 
sure you can ! 

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Choose a haira: Soyou's Alone Hair or Soyou's Give it to Me hair?

Ok, on my to do list :)

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choose between sistar's soyou or solo/duet soyou please? thank you <3

Thank YOU for the request <3

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Could I request Sistar and their fanboys ??

Thanks for the request *-* I’m going to do it right away!

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I’m kinda free today, so if you guys wants to request graphics or…?
I’d like to do the “choose between ____ or ____ (era, people, mv, songs etc…) Or anything, I’m yours haha.